Throwing off ballast for the environment


Initial Situation

In order to halt the unintentional spread of organisms through ballast water the International Marine Organization (IMO) is establishing a convention which will in future regulate how ballast water is treated. The convention should have been legally binding from 2012, latest from 2016 for new vessels. After 2016 the convention will become compulsory for all international ocean-going vessels. The interim regulations are the D1 Ballast Water Exchange Standard and the D2 Ballast Water Performance Standard. To ensure compliance with the convention the entire global fleet will gradually be fitted or retrofitted with ballast water treatment systems.


A well-known German ship building company in Hamburg ordered 6 container vessels with 6.900 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit) each in the world largest shipyard of Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan, Korea. The 332 meters long and 48,2 meters wide vessels should be equipped with a reliable ballast water system, that not only fulfills the IMO standards. The requested ballast water treatment system should be extraordinary energy efficient and should require as little maintenance as necessary.


These container vessels are each fitted with an OPS 800 system that treats ballast water flow rates of 800 m³/h with proven Filtration Group technology in accordance to the applicable IMO D2 standard. The OPS comprises:
– A maintenance free pre-filtration system
– An automatically back flushable main filtration system
– A low-pressure UV irradiation facility for disinfection

Even the more stringent requirements applicable in the USA (USCG standards) can be fulfilled as the values obtained in both the land and sea tests fell significantly below the IMO thresholds.

Customer Value

Our system offers reliable operation due to longtime approved Filtration Group components, effective two stage pre-filtration and an energy efficient low pressure UV disinfection. For the filtration process no chemicals additives are required. With the modular system concept, we offer optimized solution for new ships and retrofit solution. A great benefit is the worldwide distribution and service by Filtration Group.

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