The better solution - Original CFE Elements

For more than 30 years, Clear Edge Filtration has been the leading manufacturer of cost-effective and economical filtration solutions for critical dust collection processes. Clear Edge's Compact Filter Elements deliver high performance in a variety of applications including laser cutting, mining and tunnelling, automotive and paint booth extraction.

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Filter technology that works.

In its own research and development laboratory, Clear Edge creates the basis for groundbreaking innovations. Compact filter elements are constantly being further developed and tested. As part of these tests, the filter plate of a well-known German filter system manufacturer has now also been compared with an original CFETM filter plate from Clear Edge. Investigations have shown that the reconstructed filter plates have been heavily modified in order to achieve the cleaning cycles advertised. The bellows are pushed together to prevent the two outer blowholes of the pulse jet cleaning from blowing into the outermost folds of the filter element. This shoots the air jet at the plastic head of the filter element without helping to clean the dust. The result is poorly cleaned filter plates. In order to compensate for this effect, considerably more folds were inserted on a smaller width. The result: tighter folding and thus increased risk of clogging. The air permeability of the competitor's filter medium is also lower. A significantly increased differential pressure is to be expected here. The filter plates must be changed more often.


Customer benefit

  • Reliable service life of compact filter elements with the CFETM label
  • Compact filter elements combine the requirements of a stable design with extremely resilient filter media with the highest possible efficiency
  • Clear Edge filter media undercut the permissible resistances of 108 Ohm by a factor of 1000
  • Cost-effective and competent solution for the environment and occupational safety