Market Segments

We deliver the right solution for everyone

With versatile systems and filter elements that offer tailored solutions for customer requirements in various application areas, Filtration Group is a reliable partner for industrial applications, marine industry and operators of windpower stations. As diverse as the products for filtration and separation are, there is one thing they all have in common: They are designed to keep operations up and running for our customers.

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Tool machines

Efficient filtration systems for production processes that never stop and a service concept that can keep up with any pace.

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Filters and separators that ensure that each wind turbine produces, along with clean energy, a positive business balance.

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Hydraulic systems for industry

Filters and separators that help keep things moving in different branches of industry.

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Conventional energy production

Solutions for filtration and separation that ensure stable processes, and thus a positive energy balance, in modern power stations.

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High-performance filter elements for all application areas where things don't sit around collecting dust, and service that defies dusty old cliches.

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Marine Industry

Oil and hydraulic filters that keep every motor on board running and separators that create a clean ecological and economic balance.

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Food and pharmaceutical industries

Automatic filters, dedusting units and filter elements that have to meet the strictest quality standards even under extreme conditions.

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Chemical Industry

Process and air filtration systems that can withstand any pressure and provide a range of services for the benefit of safety and the environment.

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