Power Generation

Problem-free process sequences for reliable power supply

Power stations have to live up to their name: Only when they run at full power are they profitable for the operator and useful for the population. Problem-free operation relies primarily on the unlimited functionality of the turbines and generators, which convert mechanical energy into electrical power.

However, the generation of power is inseparable from the different auxiliary processes, during which e.g. the combustion gases are filtered or the water vapor is cooled. With efficient separator and filter systems for the treatment of process water, for hydraulics and lubrication, as well as for air filtration and fuel treatment in the emergency power generator, Filtration Group makes an important contribution to the secure and profitable operation of power plants.

The product portfolio is precisely tailored to the requirements of conventional power plants and is thus broadly based to ensure that a suitable filter or separation solution exists for any application. Concerning availability: Warehousing at Filtration Group is scheduled for short response times. Our customers also benefit from the extensive specialized expertise of our service team members and the seasoned experience in filtering technology over decades. We pursue the same goal as our power plant customers: maximum output with minimum energy loss.

Together we make the conventional power generation...

...safer, because our filter systems ensure an uninterrupted process flow at sensitive places in the power plant and thus help to avoid faults

...healthier, because our products ensure a long-term supply of cooling water and through effective treatment reduce the consumption of hydraulic and lubrication oils

...more productive, because our separation and filtration systems allow continuous operation of the power plant at full output.


So each machine goes to work at full power

For use in power plants, Filtration Group offers a wide selection of filter elements, system solutions and separation systems that ensure both trouble-free and environmentally friendly operation of the system. Material, construction and mechanics of the filters and separators combine high output and a long service life and thus contribute to the efficient operation of oil, coal, gas and nuclear power plants. They are thus an important factor in the reliability of a dependable power supply.


Water treatment

Efficient filter systems from Filtration Group keep the process and cooling water clean, thereby protecting the system from corrosion and residues. That in turn prevents damage and associated repair costs, along with a costly shutdown of the power plant. The condensate filtration and cleaning of the surface water using the chemical-free coalescer technology contributes to the environmentally friendly operation of the power plant. The water can be purified by means of a multi-layer separation to a residual oil content of under 1 ppm.

Deoiling systems

Back-flushing filters - AKO

Back-flushing filters - water


Fuel care

With emergency power units, reliability is paramount. This means that the fuel that powers them must be treated continuously. Because it has to be stored in the tanks for long periods of time, microorganisms such as bacteria, algae or funghi can multiply there unabated. Filter systems from Filtration Group prevent this, and protect systems from infestation, by reliably filtering out foreign particles and microorganisms.

Dewatering Systems

Hydraulics and lubrication

Filter systems and separation systems from Filtration Group ensure that residues of water, dirt or air bubbles do not impede the performance of hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils. The multi-layer structure of the filter elements allows more dirt to be collected and at the same time makes them robust. Their filtration performance also remains constant with rising differential pressure and withstands pulsating loads. They are also long lasting and thus highly economical in operation. New e-protect filter elements round out the portfolio: A special, patented design prevents electrostatic discharges, which, when using hydraulic and lubrication oils with low conductance, can result in damage to the filter material, thus causing a deterioration of the filtration line. For reliable draining of turbine lubrication oil in nuclear and natural gas power plants, Filtration Group offers the efficient Oil Treatment System (OTS). This separation system continuously purifies the oil during operation and thus prevents contamination with microorganisms.

Pressure filters

Duplex filters

Return line filters

Suction filters

Air breather filters

Filter elements for hydraulic filtration


Dewatering Systems

Air pollution control

The combustion process in gas-fired power plants uses intake air from the ambient environment. To prevent dust and dirt particles in the air from collecting on the turbine blades and causing premature wear and tear, compact systems from Filtration Group are used to filter the intake air. The high power density and long service life are strong selling points. More and more power plant operators around the world are relying on the proven Cerafil candle filter elements for gas filtration. They are robust, achieve maximum results even at high temperatures and are particularly maintenance-friendly. 

Air intake filters

Ceramic filter elements (CERAFIL)

Catalysis of exhaust gases

Burning fossil fuels not only releases heat. To prevent harmful emissions such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide from simply escaping, they are filtered in advance. With efficient CERAFIL filter systems, which filter smoke and dust particles along with gases, Filtration Group makes an important contribution to active environment protection.

Ceramic filter elements (CERAFIL)

thermosolar plants

Generating energy from the sun's rays

Thermosolar plants generate usable energy from sun radiation. The collected surface water of the plant can be contaminated by leaks in the oil pipes. The Filtration Group's separation system removes 100% of the impurities before local agriculture can reuse the water.

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Power Plant

The diesel plague removed the breeding ground

To optimize the diesel storage in a Swiss nuclear power plant, Filtration Group drew on its many years of experience in shipping. Multi-stage fuel treatment systems dewater diesel fuel using the coalescer process to such a high degree of separation that the formation of the dangerous diesel plague is also prevented. In this way, the customer in Switzerland saved himself the trouble of permanently monitoring the fuel quality in the 50,000 liter tanks with which the emergency power generators are operated in the event of a system failure. 


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Turbine Trains

Waste oil recycling saves money and protects the environment

For a German manufacturer of turbine trains for conventional power plants, Filtration Group installed an OTS 16 in combination with a hydraulic filter at its own test facility. Filtration Group's combined filter and separation solution did this so well that it was even awarded an improvement price. Thanks to the efficient treatment plant, resources and environmental pollution are significantly reduced. 


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thermosolar plants

Generating energy from the sun's rays

Thermosolar plants generate usable energy from sun radiation. The collected surface water of the plant can be contaminated by leaks in the oil pipes. The Filtration Group's separation system removes 100% of the impurities before local agriculture can reuse the water.

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Special solutions

Filtration Group offers all filter systems and separation systems as customized solutions. Our experts will be happy to work with you to find the version that best meets the specialized requirements in your work environment.