Effective protection against explosive dust


Initial Situation

Our customer is a family business, that successfully develops and manufactures and markets adhesives and sealing compounds for the metal packaging industry. During the production of adhesives, different additives like resins, wax or further components are added to polymeres. Sticky dusts are created during this process with a minimum ignition energy < 3 mJ, which has to be extracted. For this kind of application, normally dust removal filters in explosion-proof design with explosion release are used. Resin dust arising on manual workplaces are exhaused by Filtration Group dust removal filter type SFR-09 008 DN-150 S1S SL.


Dust removal filter in explosion-proof design with explosion release for inside installation. Application with an constructive explosion protection by using a relieve valve in order to provide the explosion decoupling for the dust removal filter without endangering the environment. Removal of sticky dusts. Compact and space-saving design has been required.

Technical Data

Volume flow: approx. 6.000 m³/h

  • Kind of dust: colophony: dry, free-flowing, flammable and difficulty soluable in water for a minimum ignition energy < 3 mJ (KsT-value: 255 bar/ms/s)
  • Operating temperature: max. 40 °C
  • Residual dust content: < 5 mg/m³
  • Cleaning by Filtration Group rotating wing (RLK)
  • Dust filter cartridges: 9 x 852 032 Ti 08-12
  • Filter material: Ti 08, electrical conductive filter material (108 m²)
  • Installation of the filter in zone 22
  • Resin dust, free-flowing with the use of filter aid


For this particular application, Filtration Group uses a dust removal filter in explosion-proof design with explosion release. At the start of an explosion, the pressure increase is recorded by two separate pressure sensors and the extinguishing agent bottles are activated by the high-speed electronics. Inside the dust removal filter, the flame is suppressed by the extinguishing agent, so that the explosion pressure will be reduced. At the same time, the signal from the switch box disconnects all electrical components. Effective and gentle cleaning of the filter elements protects the filter material from sticking, especially by using the filter aid HI 26.

Customer Value

The dedusting plant with constructive explosion protection can be installed in the hall. In comparison to a pressure shock resistant dedusting device with bursting disc discharge, no further measures need to be taken here for the safety of the employees and the environment. Further advantages are longer element life due to the use of HI 26 filter aids, cost-effective explosion decoupling compared to existing systems and optimum flow conditions in the filter chamber due to the use of conical filter elements.