Expert Day Cooling Lubricants 2019

08/10/19 - 09/10/19

A cool look at a hot topic! Two days of concentrated cooling lubricant power with industry experts from the region

“This was one of the best conferences I have had in a long time in terms of organization, topics and selection of speakers. I have not heard so much good content in a short time. That only served the maintenance of the network! “
Nils Sörensen, Account Manager, Grundfos

It is Tuesday, the 08th October 13 o`clock. The first guests will meet for this year’s Expert Days Cooling Lubricants at the Filtration Group in Öhringen. After registration, Filtration Group employees will take guests to our lobby. In keeping with the motto “Oktoberfest”, onion and bacon cake is served.

After the welcome speech by Gerhard Steiner, Head of Operations, the tours start through our laboratory and the production. While two experts take over the production tour, our laboratory team prepares their information booths. The guests have the opportunity to inform themselves about a wide variety of subject areas. The first day ends with a cozy evening in the Bavarian style.

Early in the morning, the second and last day of our Expert Days Cooling Lubricants begins. While the first day was filled with practical insights from the Filtration Group in Öhringen, the second day will focus on the cooling lubricant know-how of industry experts from the region. The lectures range from the basics of cooling lubricants to concrete application examples to overarching topics such as “Industry 4.0 – digitizing companies – networking people” by Katharina Mattes from VDMA Baden-Württemberg. The breaks serve to network and evaluate our in-house exhibition in which we present selected products from our product portfolio. The content of the day was completed by Oliver Lämmerzahl, who enthuses the guests with an interesting and application-oriented presentation on the FG Vario series.

Great feedback, new contacts and interesting discussions with around 60 participants indicate that this event will be run again next year at the Filtration Group in Öhringen.


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Event Contact: Carmen Steiner
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