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A special form of service contract – a full service contract – has been successfully implemented by Filtration Group Industrial with Bieling + Petsche Stanzformen GmbH. Filtration Group Industrial offers the customer a full service in connection with a remote monitoring of the filter system with SmartRun 4.0, with the aim of contributing to process and cost optimization.


At Bieling + Petsche Stanzformen GmbH, high-quality Filtration Group Industrial filters ensure safe and economical operation of the laser systems in the manufacture of individual and, above all, sophisticated stamping tools. The manufacturer of punching tools uses an FGI dedusting unit SFK-09 for a volume flow of 6,000 m³/h for the extraction of sticky dusts generated at laser systems. During the laser-supported laminated wood processing for the production of cutting dies, dusts are generated which have to be collected and extracted at the processing point. Depending on the application of the cutting die, different carrier materials are used, such as wood, aluminium or plastics.


The FGI dedusting plant with installed SmartRun 4.0 is continuously monitored and a weekly status report of all measured values and parameters is sent to Bieling + Petsche. In addition, the plant was equipped with a spark pre-separator as well as a spark extinguishing system to completely exclude the entry of glowing particles. The conical filter elements used, which are supplied and replaced by Filtration Group Industrial as part of the full service, provide optimum flow conditions in the filter chamber. The filter material used, Ti 15, is a polyester fleece which is characterized by an excellent separation efficiency combined with a high air flow rate. To prevent premature aging of the filter elements due to sticky dust, filter aid is supplied via the SDG100 dosing unit. The filter aid forms a filter aid layer on the filter elements. This improves the cleaning behaviour of the sticky wood dust, a longer service life of the filter elements and a reliable operation of the plant is achieved. By taking advantage of the full service, Bieling + Petsche can plan the downtimes of the plant accordingly within the scope of maintenance by Filtration Group Industrial, thereby optimizing plant availability and increasing the efficiency of internal processes. Filtration Group Industrial offers full cost transparency through constant contact with the customer.


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“With Filtration Group Industrial and the full-service performance we have found a pleasant, competent and reliable partner at our side. This offers us a maximum of flexibility and comfort. Thanks to the dedusting unit used in conjunction with SmartRun 4.0, our plant efficiency has been increased and internal costs reduced”. Ronald Minichshofer, plant manager at Bieling + Petsche Stanzformen GmbH.”

Ronald Minichshofer, plant manager at Bieling + Petsche Stanzformen GmbH


Werner Kübler
Head of Field Service – Filtration Group Industrial