SilentCare – Room air filter for clean air in fitness studios

The Lady M fitness studio in Öhringen celebrates its 33rd anniversary this year. Michaela Reiß, a trained sports and gymnastics teacher, worked in psychiatry before founding her fitness studio and at that time was concerned with the effects of sport on mental illnesses. Her dream was to create a place where people could do sport in a healthy way. Sport has been proven to boost self-confidence, reduce stress and strengthen the ability to set one’s own goals. All these qualities can prevent mental illness. Michaela Reiß and her team have created a fitness studio that places special emphasis on quality, healthy and long-term training methods and well-being.

Room air filter SilentCare next to the endurance and strength area of the fitness studio

Contaminated air through endurance sports

For Michaela Reiß, well-being includes above all clean and healthy air. Besides the walls of green plants in the large training area, our SilentCare room air filter is a reliable guarantee for clean air. Two devices are located in the course room and the endurance area, because up to 120 litres of air per minute pass through our respiratory tract during maximum athletic exertion. At rest, only six to eight litres of air pass through the airways.

Michaela Reiß became aware of our room air filters through an acquaintance who trains regularly at the Lady M. The air filters were developed in the region. The regional development and production of the room air filter at the main location in Öhringen and the many years of filtration expertise of Filtration Group Industrial were among the decisive purchasing arguments. Since the gym had to close during the lockdown of the Corona pandemic, the purchase costs were completely covered by the bridging aid III.

Room air filter SilentCare in course room of the fitness studio

Safe feeling combined with high-quality design

Our room air filters have already been positively noticed by many women in the gym. It is important to Michaela Reiß that her customers feel comfortable in the gym despite the Corona pandemic and have a safe feeling when exercising. In addition, our anthracite-coloured SilentCare with its round, inconspicuous design fits perfectly into the gym ambience.

According to Michaela Reiß, what sets the room air filter apart from other filters that have been tried out is its performance. “I’d rather have a larger filter that really filters the smallest particles from larger rooms than a device that is too small and not effective,” explains the Lady M founder. The mobile device SilentCare can be conveniently rolled away, which is enormously practical in the gym due to regular cleaning. Moreover, info material or decoration can be placed on the room air filter.

“We are very satisfied with the SilentCare room air filters from Filtration Group Industrial, they do their job inconspicuously, quietly and fit very well into our gym with their high-quality design.”

— Michaela Reiß, Founder Fitness Studio Lady M


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