SilentCare – a child friendly investment


Our silent filtration hero is also used in everyday life, relieving staff in social institutions and thus making an important contribution in times of COVID-19.
Such an example is the Montessori Kindergarten Stuttgart Center.

The children’s house is centrally located in Stuttgart and is dedicated to all-day care of children between the ages of 3 and 12 (kindergarten and after-school care). Named after Maria Montessori, the children’s house, as well as the associated non-profit association, aims to support children in their physical, mental and spiritual development and in their social behavior.


Montessori purchased four of our indoor air filtration systems.
According to Martin Gürtler, board member of the supporting association, the great benefits of SilentCare not only lie in its function, which contributes to greater health protection, but also in its child-friendly design. Due to its cylindrical shape and its size there is no risk of injury for children. Thus, SilentCare is also perfectly suitable for use when children are in the room. Attached caster wheels additionally ensure uncomplicated and quiet transportation of the device between rooms. Moreover, our devices are very quiet and do not interfere with the work processes in the kindergarten and after-school groups.


Harisa Lumpp
Head of Product Management Airfilter Systems

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