Food and Pharmaceuticals

Industrial filtration for substances in the category from dry powders to sticky and viscous.

In addition to filter systems for air pollution control, automatic filters are primarily used in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The advantage of this is that the filter elements clean themselves and the production process therefore does not have to be interrupted to change elements. When processing powders, the filter systems serve to separate dust and dirt particles and to precisely separate the product from materials. Filtration Group offers filter systems for all areas of application in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The high product quality ensures that the industry’s strict standards are met.

When filtering viscous or sticky substances such as pastes or honey, edge filters reliably remove foreign substances and then clean the filter elements themselves. This ensures a fluid production process and makes intervention by employees unnecessary. This advantage is particularly noticeable when using substances such as hot cooking oil, which is also filtered by an automatic filter, making it reusable. All filter elements are designed in such a way that there are no dead spaces in which contaminants can accumulate.

When mixing, drying, storing and transporting powdery substances such as sugar, spices, flour but also pharmaceutical products such as talcum powder, powerful filter elements ensure that even the smallest dirt and dust particles are separated. Filter media with PTFE membrane or micro-glass fiber fleece withstand any load and guarantee chemical and thermal resistance and hydrolysis resistance in the efficient systems.

In some areas of the pharmaceutical and food industry, dust is formed when the substances are processed. Filtration Group offers systems and devices for dedusting in various sizes and with different filter elements that can be used as required. This serves both the purity of the products and the health of the employees who would otherwise inhale the dust and also reducing the risk of dust fires and explosions.

Together we make the pharmaceutical and food services industry… 

…safer, because our systems deliver visible results, even with invisible particles, in separation performance and thus protect both humans and machines

…healthier, because our filtration solutions deliver on the promise of maximum purity and cleanliness in the manufacturing and processing of food services and pharmaceuticals 

…more productive, because our filter media also resist high temperatures and pressure loads over long periods and automatic cleaning functions give our filter systems a long service life.


Dust removal and filtration down to the finest cleanliness class

Food-safe molded sealing systems, efficient air pollution control elements, dissipative membranes and dead space-free filter elements are just a few examples for the solution of complex system requirements in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Whether automatic filters, dedusting systems or compact filter elements: All filter elements for the pharmaceutical and food industry are approved according to FDA and EU 10/2011.

In the processing of powders, a precise separation of the product from materials is just as important as the clean filtering of dust particles. Filtration Group delivers filters in various forms and materials for the different application areas in the food services industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The products for use in pneumatic conveyance, for mixing, drying and storing powders are extremely powerful and robust.







In the food and pharmaceutical industry, every dust particle is poison in the system. High performance filter units and filter elements with special membranes to protect the production process from the smallest interference are most important. Along with the existing product range with special elements, carrier materials and apparatuses, Filtration Group also develops individual solutions for specific application scenarios.






Water is a central element in the food and pharmaceutical industry. It is used as a coolant, as a washing medium or as an ingredient in chemical processes. With its products, Filtration Group covers the full spectrum of needs: from filtration of supplied water, which depending on time of year may be contaminated through environmental influences, to cleaning of industrial wastewater to meet legal requirements.





Automatic filter systems from Filtration Group are extremely robust, contain no consumables and are self-cleaning. They are thus ideally suited for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry to avoid manual intervention in the production process. In this way they make a valuable contribution to the protection of employee health and to efficient plant operation.






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