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All our actions, every step we take and every customer interaction we have follows the questions:

  • How can we simplify the lives of our customers?
  • What can we do to increase their business with our products?
  • What is the most efficient form of communication between us and our customers?

The FG Industrial App offers solutions for these questions and combines our most important tools on a structured, appealing platform.

Who can use our app?
The app was primarily developed for our sales staff, customers and partners, but can of course be downloaded and used by anyone who is interested.

What does our app offer?

We offer our customers and partners the opportunity to compare their products with ours, to search for products in our catalogues and to filter them according to their requirements. The customer is shown stock and price information for relevant products.

New products and innovations are displayed as messages on the customer’s smartphones and advertised with appealing animations and application examples. The customer has the possibility to give feedback.

FG Industrial business established an own strategic business unit fully focusing on our distribution partners around the world. As not only the products itself are determining the strategic path forward of a company, our team really wanted to put the customers in the center of all of our doing. 

As our strategic target, we want to create a bubble of comfort around our customers. We are confident, that this is the service level they expect from truly remarkable companies. By helping them finding the right answers on their respective filter questions, by supporting them with clearly elaborated success stories and by making them find the right product for their respective filter needs, our team is fully convinced that we can really differentiate ourselves to the market. Not only by product, but also by the service we offer! We are committed to bring the best value to the customer and by doing that, we are supporting the mission of making the world safer, healthier and more productive.

Our new App is available for iOS and Android for our key partners after an approval process.

The cross-reference tool will help the sales reps of our partners to directly find the right replacement element for an existing housing in the market.

We want to multiply our global successes with our partners by helping the find potential sales opportunities in the market. Every success story consists of 4 chapters:

  • Initial Situation
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Customer Value 

By making our animation on hand available at any customer 
interaction, we want to further leverage the great marketing
tools we have created over the last years and share them
with our partners. The side benefit is to further multiply our
brand in the various markets.



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