Grind Date 2019

08/05/19 - 10/05/19

Clean air concerns us all and our LGA makes its contribution to it!

From 08th May to 10th May 2019 our customer, Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH in Trossingen, organized an in-house exhibition under the name “Grind Date 2019”. Due to our very good and long-standing business relationship and the fact that Haas is convinced of our solution for aerosol separation, we were invited to present our product at this event. With a presentation prepared by our product manager, we took the chance to convince the guests of our technology and the excellent result. 

You can find the presentation of the lecture here.

With our LGA we can make the worker’s working environment safer as we can reduce or even completely eliminate the deposition of oil on the floor and machines #safer. Aerosol mist has a very fine size range of < 1μm depending on processing. The alveoli of common aerosols with a size of 0.4 μm remain in the air and impair oxygen absorption through inhalation. Likewise it comes to deposits in the pulmonary alveoli. By our LGA we can separate 99 % of the aerosols and create thereby a healthier working environment, as well as a higher environmental protection #healthier. A further result of the employment of our LGA´s is the productivity increase due to a health harmless job, free of disturbing aerosol mist and the effective recovery of the cooling lubricant without complex or high cleaning and service costs #moreproductive. With this presentation we could already convince two potential customers who already asked for a contact to the FG after the event. The close cooperation with our customers, as well as the continuous further development and our innovations enable us to deepen customer relationships and increase sales. With the motto “The more we do, the cleaner the air we breathe” we at FG Industrial Air stand for clean air! With future-oriented developments we want to protect our environment and produce clean air.