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Filtration Group Industrial ensures clean air in the work space

Clear Edge’s proven compact filter elements (CFETM) and ceramic filter elements (CerafilTM) as well as Filtrair BV’s synthetic filter media and pocket filters complement Filtration Group’s product range. The broad portfolio of air filters provides solutions for all applications involving gases, dust and debris that need to be extracted from the working room. Innovation power and decades of experience make Filtration Group filter elements a perfect combination of advanced technology and proven quality. The high-quality air filters make an important contribution to the protection of employees and equipment and increase the productivity of processes, which would be strongly affected by dust and dirt.

Filtration Group Industrial (formerly MAHLE Industriefiltration GmbH)

The solutions offered by Filtration Group Industrial (formerly MAHLE Industrial Filtration GmbH) stand for high-performance, long-lasting and efficient modules and components in the area of air purification. These well-established filtration solutions ensure interrupted and efficient operations of your equipment and facilities for more than 50 years now.

Clear Edge Filtration CFE GmbH

For over 30 years, Clear Edge filtration has been manufacturing flat, pleated filter cartridges, called compact filter elements (CFE™), as well as ceramic filter elements (Cerafil™). With its head office in Salzgitter, Germany, Clear Edge Filtration has provided products and services to a wide range of customers in the areas of mining, tunnel construction, laser cutting and liquid painting as well as application areas for dedusting.

Filtrair B.V.

For over 50 years, Filtrair has been a leading manufacturer of synthetic filter media and rigid pocket filters. The filter media for intake air provides ultimate protection against the intrusion of harmful, natural or organic dusts and pollutants for indoor areas as well as for commercial, industrial and gasturbine processes. We are a market leader for filtration in automotive body repair facilities.

FG-product-air-FiltermedienDEDUSTING FILTER MEDIA

Filtration Group offers a large selection of filter media for dust filter cartridges. This ensures that the right solution can be found for virtually any application.

Special surface materials with web coating, PTFE membrane or meltblown micro-fibers guarantee a cost-optimized and reliable continuous operation of dedusting systems.

For the pharmaceutical and food services industry, FDA-approved materials are available.

Pleat distance control

Star-pleated Filtration Group dust filter cartridges are used to separate very fine particles from gases. The gas flows inward through the cartridge and is discharged via the open end cap on the top.
Due to the new Filtration Group pleat distance control for polyester and cellulose based filter media, the performance of the Filtration Group polyester cartridges increase up to 44 %, compared with standard polyester cartridges on the market.



Filtrair’s fine and coarse filter media are 100% synthetic. The high performance fibres consist of a multi-layer technology with progressive density and have a very high dust absorption with optimal pressure drop behaviour. Filtrair has a unique hydrophobic media line that has been specially developed as a low-pressure pre-filter for pleated static cartridge fine filters of combustion engines and air intake systems. This media line offers a number of valuable benefits:

  • Significantly longer life of static cartridges
  • Easy and fast installation and replacement
  • Coalescing function in high humidity conditions

Filtrair pocket filters consist of progressive, multi-layer and synthetic air filter media. The pocket filters are fully rigid and impregnated. Diamond spacers are fitted in the pockets to ensure optimised aerodynamic flow behaviour. An aluminium ring in the frame ensures optimum stability. Filtrair pocket filters are welded and framed in PU injection moulding machines. They are mainly used in a prefilter stage. The pocket filters are used in the following markets:

  • Air intake for gas turbines, compressors and engines,
  • Wind Turbines
  • Automotive Paint booths / painting plants,
  • Industrial processes (food/pharmaceutical)
  • Ventilation systems for e.g. public buildings, schools, offices, computer rooms, etc.

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FG-product-air-Filterelemente-konischStar-pleated Filtration Group dust filter cartridges are used for separation of smallest particles from gases. The dust-laden gas passes through the vertically mounted filter cartridge from the outside to the inside and exits through the top open end cap. Optimization efforts regarding flow and strength have led to the conical element shape. The cleaning of the filter cartridges using the extra-quiet Filtration Group multi-jet nozzle works much more effectively than with conventional nozzles. The improved cleaning behavior compared to cylindrical filter cartridges and the more favorable flow conditions result in up to 30 percent better performance of dedusting equipment.


FG-product-air-FG-product-air-Filterelemente-zylindrischStar-pleated Filtration Group dust filter cartridges are used for separation of dust from air and gases in virtually all branches of industry. The consistently high quality of Filtration Group dust filter cartridges is maintained through regular and comprehensive performance inspections of materials that go into production. Application tests are also conducted at our test benches in the development lab and in facilities on site. Products and production methods can then be improved or redeveloped on the basis of these results.


FG-product-air-KompaktfilterFor more than 30 years compact filter elements (CFE) have been the first choice for dust collection systems in critical industrial processes. Filtration Group has many years of experience in the development and application of compact filter elements (CFE). These are used in a wide variety of applications:
  • Laser cutting – 99.995% of dust is separated
  • Wet painting – in painting lines the strongly adhering paint overspray is continuously filtered
  • Mining and tunnel construction – requires very robust filter media
  • Metalworking – when working with metals, oily dusts often cause problems with conventional filter cartridges

Our CFEs are completely tip-bonded, self-supporting filter plates that combine the advantages of filter bags and filter cartridges. Depending on the application, compact filter elements can be equipped with oil and water repellent polyester fleece, microporous coatings or PTFE membrane.

Furthermore, CFEs can also be used in environments with high dust loads and can be efficiently cleaned by pulse jet cleaning.

Our CFEs offer a number of valuable advantages:

  • up to 3 times more filter surface compared to conventional filter bags
  • very small filter size.
  • high efficiency up to 99,995%.
  • long service life
  • excellent cleanability due to the compressed air impulse
FG-product-air-Keramische-filterCerafil is a low-density ceramic element that is very effective and efficient in handling submicron particles in industrial gas processes. The product family was extended to three specific product lines:

Cerafil XS

  • Inert ceramic fiber base
  • Optimal removal of particles and acid gases at temperatures up to 450u00b0C

Cerafil Green

  • Made with technical mineral fibers
  • Strong and resistant
  • Excellent when a robust filter medium is needed and ceramic fibers cannot be used

Cerafil TopKat

  • Revolutionary product with built-in catalyst
FG-product-air-SonderfilterSpecial dust problems require well-engineered solutions. Working in cooperation with our partners, we develop optimal solutions tailored to you.

The benefits for you

  • Comprehensive system solutions through development partnership
  • Optimally coordinated filter performance
  • Flexibility in execution
  • In-house sample/prototype construction
  • Universal applications
  • Broad range of technological and application expertise
  • Designed and tested in accordance with DIN and ISO standards with the corresponding industry approvals


  • Filter solutions for industrial vacuum cleaners / household appliances, e.g. pleated round filters or pleated flat filters
  • Filtration solutions for electrical tools and for the cooling/climate control of trains and specialized vehicles
  • Toner filters
  • Filtration solutions for cabin air
  • Filtration solutions for special requirements such as glass fiber dust, sticky dust, paper fibers, silicone dust, etc.
  • Wire mesh filtration element for dedusting filtration in conveyor equipment for silo vehicles
  • Pleated filter elements with special filter media and customer-specific connection systems for different applications, such as e.g. pneumatic conveyance and drying applications
FG-product-air-AbreinigungseinheitenWith Filtration Group rotating wings and multi-jet nozzles, optimized cleaning units are available for star-pleated filter cartridges. The special technical details of these components are based on our years of practical experience and elaborate development trials.


FG-product-air-OelabscheiderIn machining and forming processes in industry –
for example in modern machine tools – cooling lubricants (oil or emulsions) are used under high pressure. This
allows increased oil mist and emulsions to enter the ambient air. To ensure that the aerosol concentration does not
exceed the MWC (maximum workspace concentration) limit values, the cooling lubricant mist must be reliably and
continuously extracted and cleaned from the working area of the machines. This is a problem traditional systems are
unable to handle.


Dedusting UnitsWe combine all our experience in our dedusting units. The
interaction of FG filter elements, specially developed cleaning units and optimally designed housings results in our
compact dedusting systems. Our standard range starts with small top on filters and extends to large central exhaust
systems, if required also with ATEX version. If required, our standard units can also be flexibly adapted to
customer requirements in order to achieve the optimum solution for continuous and trouble-free operation with low
maintenance requirements.


Dust, debris and water are vital to eliminate from making direct contact with critical equipment in a working room.
Desiccant breathers prevent costly contaminants from entering a lubricant system and causing premature failure of



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Special solutions

Filtration Group offers all filter systems and separation systems as customized solutions. Our experts will be happy to work with you to find the version that best meets the specialized requirements in your work environment.