We are here for you!



Filtration Group Industrial is proud that our proven filtration solutions continue to be used across borders, nations and continents, helping to ensure that daily needs are met worldwide.


Our role is clear: together we make the world safer, healthier and more productive. Together with the employees of Filtration Group Industrial, we want to contribute to a healthy world. We do this with a firm belief in the power of people, ideas and cooperation when it comes to jointly advancing the economy and thus contributing to sustainable development.

Together we now face a situation that is unprecedented for each of us. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is developing rapidly, and many of you are already taking extraordinary personal measures that we could not have imagined weeks ago. We all feel a sense of insecurity and concern for our own well-being, that of our families, friends, colleagues and co-workers.

Our employees are now working for almost two weeks, sometimes remotely via home office. This enables us to ensure the safety and health of our employees, but also the continuation of our business.

Our employees in production work under changed conditions in order to ensure safety at work here as well. We are therefore always there for you and look forward to getting in touch with you. You can reach us during normal business hours both by e-mail and by telephone. We also stay in touch with you through our social media channels.


Within a week, we jointly managed to convert parts of our production to breathing masks. 30,000 breathing masks are produced each week. As a filter manufacturer and media supplier, we are making a contribution to our workforce and society to stem the corona pandemic.

Verpackung für medizinische Geräte

Our largest dedusting system ever sold by us is used in the production process of a special packaging material for medical devices. The FGI dedusting unit extracts dust generated during the production of this material.

Cooling water systems for the removal of excess heat can be found in almost all industries. Even in the government building in Berlin, our fully automatic backwash filters help everyone to keep a cool head.

Support 100,000 households with sustainable energy

With our TTI aeration dryer, we support the energy supply of 10,000 households with sustainable energy. We protect the lubricating oil in the gearboxes of wind turbines from moisture. In this way we increase the service life of the oil and reduce maintenance costs.

Generating energy from the sun’s rays and using the collected surface water to irrigate surrounding fields – this is where Filtration Group Industrial comes in. Our two-level membrane separation system with a downstream active carbon stage cleans the water 100 % of impurities.

For the food industry, clean cooking oil is essential for deep-frying food. This includes a wide variety of baked goods such as doughnuts. We filter excess particles from the cooking oil to reduce the loss of usable oil and downtime. The automatic filter cleans itself.


Of course, the current turbulent times pose a challenge for all of us. Nevertheless, we believe in the importance of strong cooperation. That’s why Filtration Group Industrial employees work hard every day to develop new filtration solutions for a safer, healthier and more productive world. We will continue to offer you the right products for your applications and processes.

As SARS-CoV-2 takes its course, we will remain alert, albeit optimistic, and agile when and where necessary.

We wish you all good health in these difficult times and look forward to hearing from you!