Safe cleaning, polishing and grinding


Initial Situation

When the castings for the productionof chamshafts come from the foundry, a complex cleaning, polishing and grinding process begins. When grinding cast steel, very high peripheral speeds of the grinding wheel come into contact with a hardened casting material. Chip removal under enormous heat development and the transport of large quantities of fine cast particles away from the workpiece and grinding wheel is an important aspect for high quality requirements due to precisely arranged coolant nozzles and the processing oil used.


The processing oil is atomized and evaporated. The smallest aerosol particles are distributed in the machining area of the machine, pushing their way through a small opening in the door to the employee‘s workplace and into the room air. Due to its composition, oil aerosol contains substances that can be harmful to human health and the environment. The aerosol mist, which reaches the KE 3075, consists mainly of particle sizes in the range < 10 μm. Features

  • Price-sensitive variant for an extraction volume of 2,000 m³/h without control
  • Coalescer filter elements for the separation of raw gas concentrations up to 3,000 mg/m³
  • Optional silencer to reduce the noise level


The Filtration Group KE 3075 oil mist separator is a customer-specific solution that is now generally available and is used as a price-sensitive solution for a volume flow of 2,000 m³/h. This variant complements the existing LGA series 601 and LGA 1200/1201.

Our system combines a reliable separation and recovery of fine oil droplets using the virtually maintenance-free coalescer principle. Man and machine are protected by adherence to all limit values of TA-Luft. Significant improvement of the degree of separation has been achieved.

Customer Value

Customer advantages are an extention of the maintenance interval, reduction of machine downtime to a minimum and the recovery of the separated oil. On the device are virtually no consumables. Further advantages are a reliable protection of the health of all employees and no cleaning required to remove oil residues.

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