EMEA Supplier Day

06/05/19 - 06/06/19

What a great event! Over 20 participants from the Filtration Group Corporate and 36 suppliers attended this year’s EMEA Supplier Day in Friedrichsruhe at the Wald- und Schlosshotel. In addition to the main meetings, 20 individual supplier meetings were held. 

After the arrival of participants from all over the world, the first evening of the event started with a get-together at the Friedrichsruher Wald- und Schlosshotel. During a joint dinner and a unique torch hike interesting discussions and new contacts emerged. 

The second day began with an official welcome and introduction to Filtration Group and its supply chain management.This was followed by further lectures on changes in supply chain management, challenges and opportunities. After a delicious refreshment at the Wald- und Schlosshotel in Friedrichsruhe, the strategic supplier meetings began in the afternoon with many new approaches and ideas. The Filtration Group executives developed and discussed key issues and the future, efficient and long-term collaboration with their suppliers. 

After productive discussions, the participants visited the Filtration Group location in Öhringen with an interesting tour through the production facility. 

At the EMEA Supplier Day, the participants of the Filtration Group and the suppliers particularly appreciated the opportunity to get to know each other in personal conversations and to work together on new topics.

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