Automatic & Process Filtration


Industrial filters for use in continuous operation

For production processes whose cost-effectiveness depend on continuous operation, Filtration Group Industrial offers a wide range of automatic and process filters. They are extremely powerful, clean automatically and eliminate the need for chemicals to clean process fluids. With continuous development of materials and design, FG Industrial filters keep pace with increasing demands on product quality and component resistance during operation. By optimally cleaning lubricants and fuels as well as process and wash water, Filtration Group automatic and process filters increase the life time of machines. The required amount for process fluids gets reduced.

The high quality of the industrial filters guarantees maximum employee protection. It also guarantees a consistently high level of efficiency over a very long period of time.

FG-product-prozess-rueckspuelfilterIn industrial facilities of today it is essential that the production is safe and conserves resources from the very start. An ecologically and economically sensible filtration of drinking, process and waste water is therefore an important component of the respective industrial process. The products of Filtration Group stand as innovations of development and reliably deliver results to industry in drinking-, process- and wastewater.





FG-product-prozess-kantenspaltfilterIn the filtration and homogenization of low- and high-viscosity fluids, as well as pastes, Filtration Group automatic metal-edge filters offer universal application possibilities.

The compact inline filter systems can be outfitted with semi- or fully automatic cleaning. The cleaning process is realized through the rotation of the filter element against a spring actuated scraper.


FG-product-prozess-siebkorbfilterStrainers offer perfect protection against large particles; cost effective in protection of tubes, treatment and conservation of fluids. Our delivery program includes simplex, duplex strainers, as well as special designs that are configured for specific filtration applications. Cleanable metal filter elements guarantee the simplest cleaning and ease of use with a long service life.


Because of their well-engineered design, simplex filters from the Filtration Group product palette are suitable for the use of fluids of any type. They include cleanable metal filter elements which combine simple handling and cleaning with high durability and a long service life.


Because of their well-engineered design, duplex filters from the Filtration Group product palette are suitable for the use of fluids of any type. They include cleanable metal filter elements which combine simple handling and cleaning with high durability and a long service life.

Various particle removal systems are used for secondary treatment of back-flushing fluids from automatic filters. Especially high-performance filters with filter elements from 40 µm and smaller, treatment of particles in the back-flushing fluid is necessary.

The automatic particle discharge system MTS 05 treats particle concentrate from automatic filters through sedimentation. Here sedimented particles are scraped off of the bottom of the tank with a spiral conveyor. In combination with an automatic filter and an electric control box, it forms a complete, operation-ready and fully automated filter station.


FG-product-prozess-flowguardFG FlowGuardSM is a compact, connection-ready bypass filtrationg module consisting of circulating pump, pre-filter, maintenance cartridges and an integrated control unit. It can be easily installed on existing cooling lubricant tanks. With its newly developed and innovative treatment process, it reliably protects people and equipment, reducing service and maintenance costs.


FG-product-prozess-filterkomponentenFiltration Group is continuously expanding its competency in the field of industrial filtration and thus is always opening up new potential in industrial parts cleaning. Filtration Group covers the complete spectrum of filtration in the area of industrial parts cleaning.

The service spectrum includes the following filter solutions:

  • Particle filtration
  • Oil-water separation
  • Oil-mist separation

The high-performance filtration and separation systems from Filtration Group make sure that cleaning fluids are available at a high level of purity for as long as possible and ensure even better cleaning performance.

The industrial cleaning technology must implement these requirements for ever higher purities, where the widest range of cleaning media and cleaning processes are being used.

The following industrial process fluids in particular must be efficiently and continuously cleaned. The service spectrum includes the following filter solutions:

  • Cooling water and other process water
  • Low-viscosity oil
  • Emulsions (cooling lubricants)
  • Alkaline, neutral and acidic aqueous cleaning solutions
  • Hydrocarbon-based solvent cleaners or modified alcohols
  • Test fluids


For the maximum possible benefit from Filtration Group automatic filters, you will need the right combination of filter and accessory parts.

These include the following accessory parts:

  • Differential pressure switch, measurement and indicator devices
  • Valves
  • Electric control units
  • Secondary processing



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Special solutions

Filtration Group offers all filter systems and separation systems as customized solutions. Our experts will be happy to work with you to find the version that best meets the specialized requirements in your work environment.