SilentCare – The silent hero of indoor air filtration


With SilentCare – our indoor air filtration system, we are making a significant contribution to reducing the risk of infection trough pathogens indoors.
HEPA H-14 filters ensure that at least 99.995% of airborne pollutants are removed through the three-layer filter medium.
Our customers are impressed by the effectiveness, intelligent design and extremely silent operation of our system (at less than 42 db(A)).

Buildtelligent GmbH is one of those satisfied customers.


Buildtelligent is a modern Austrian company that has dedicated itself to advance the digitalization of the healthcare sector.
The company aims to support people in all business areas and to help older generations living a safe and comfortable life.
The company offers complete sensor and software solutions for nursing homes and assisted living facilities providing automatic documentation, reducing the workload of healthcare workers and ensuring safety.
In the struggle against COVID-19, Buildtelligent makes also a significant contribution by adding additional solutions to its product portfolio, including our SilentCare system.
As a result, our product innovation is used in meeting rooms, waiting areas, open-plan offices, and even occasionally in the gastronomy/catering sector and hairdressing salons.

According to entrepreneur Truc Pham, SilentCare particularly impresses with its functionality, as well as an exceedingly fair price range.
He considers the possibility of equipping the SilentCare with a standing tabletop to be an intelligent and pragmatic application of the device. Another additional benefit is the low noise level of the system, which ensures undisturbed workflows. Eventually, those benefits were the key purchasing factor for the company.
Buildtelligent evaluates the service of Filtration Group Industrial as equally impressive.
According to the company, the possibility to have air filters replaced separately is a user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to the otherwise costly and time-consuming retrofitting of air filtration systems.


Harisa Lumpp
Head of Product Management Airfilter Systems

[email protected]
Phone 07941-6466-345