SilentCare – A breath of fresh air at Klaiber Driving School

In addition to online driving lessons as a proven teaching method during the pandemic, Melanie and Kurt Klaiber have been using our SilentCare room air filter for several weeks.
Kurt Klaiber founded the Klaiber Driving School in Neuenstein in 1989 and has been an independent driving instructor for 50 years. His daughter Melanie Klaiber, who took over the driving school in 2013, reports:

” I prefer to stand while teaching, and SilentCare is the perfect height because it can be used as a standing table. It’s also very quiet and unobtrusive.”

For 74-year-old father Kurt Klaiber the room air filter is so inconspicuous that he hardly notices it anymore:

“For me, the SilentCare is already an integral part of our driving school inventory as an everyday assistant and standing table.”

Usually, up to 31 students take part in each theory lesson, but due to the pandemic, only a maximum of 13 people are currently allowed in the classroom.
If the room is filled with more students again and therefore the concentration of aerosols in the air rises, our SilentCare discreetly does its job. Even if the pandemic no longer dominates our lives as much, there will still be cases or even waves of influenza, allergy-inducing pollen and other pathogens, which are filtered out of the air at a rate of 99.995 % by our indoor air filtration system. Melanie and Kurt Klaiber agree that SilentCare is a very good investment not only for the time being, but also for the future.


Harisa Lumpp
Head of Product Management Airfilter Systems

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