Between powder coating and electrically conductive materials


Initial Situation

During powder coating electrically conductive materials are covered with powder paint. Our customer is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of equipment and installations for surface treatment with powder, wet coatings as well as colors and other materials. For powder- and wet coating our customer is using a Filtration Group dedusting unit SFK-09 009 016 x 16 S1S SL 80 KA in rectangular design. The coating systems is consisting of a surface treatment, interim dryer, electronically coating zone and a main dryer.


The parts that need to be coated are guided with a conveying system during the treatment process. Typical undergrounds for the powder coating are steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. First the powder coating particles are fluidized. The powder needs to be cleaned up from fibers, coarse particles and dirt.

Technical Data

  • Volume: 12.000 m³/h
  • Kind of dust: powder coating particles, fibers, rough particles and dirt
  • Temperature: max. 40 °C
  • Schedule in Zone 22 (ATEX)
  • Housing of 0 to – 56 mbar applicable
  • Dedusting depending on differential pressure using the MFS-07
  • Elements: in conical design, Filter material Ti 15 polyester Surface: 15 m², DM 337 mm, Length: 1.100 mm


For this application Filtration Group selected Quick Lock elements in conical shape with a filter surface of 15 m² and a length of 1.100 mm. For the fine dust, the filter material Ti15 achieved a high separation rate. The so-called “drawers” are used as dust collector to save construction high (Possibility increase of the clean gas space). Filtration Group redesigned the sound covers for separate installation besides the filter unit. The sound covers have a slanting outlet because of the requirement to blow out upwards preferably.

Customer Value

Customer advantage is a cost-effective, compact design thanks to the possibility of small distances between the cartridges. The dedusting unit has a low overall height, by the use of Quick Lock mounting system. Constant upstream velocity and reduced inside capacity (operation of multi-jet nozzle MJD) cause an effective cleaning. Further advantages are a higher clean gas room for the connection of the clean gas pipeline and optimal adaption of the dedusting unit to the customers surroundings.

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