Strong performance in icy temperatures


Initial Situation

In the winter the Gulf of Finland freezes over. To provide a continuous waterway icebreakers are in operation during the winter months. Two ships, the “SISU” and the “URHO” take care about the area between Helsinki and Tallinn. Each ship has 5 engines with 12.000 hp each. The reliability of these engines has highest priority.


In order to guarantee a continuous fairway, the motors of the icebreakers must function without any problems during operation.
– Former filtration system (manufacturer unknown) was not reliable
– A reliable lubrication oil filtration is required
– Sister ship (the UHRO) was equipped with a Filtration Group filter system some time ago. The customer wants to have comparable filter performances on both ships, so that both ships can do their jobs properly

Technical Data

– Medium: Motor lubrication oil SAE 40
– Filtration rate: 34 μm
– Temperature: 65 – 70°C
– Pump capacity: 1.600 l/min


We offer a replacement of the entire filter and pump system for fuel and lubricating oil filtration as a joint solution of Filtration Group and our premium partner Rhea MP. The solution is a combination of 5 backflushing filters of the type R5-8 and Rhea MP pumps and as a system supplier from a single source offers great advantages and thus the highest Filtration Group quality.

Customer Value

The space-saving solution on board offers great customer benefits. Costs are saved due to less downtime and less maintenance. The Filtration Group has a central point of contact for both of the end customer’s ships. Identical systems on both ships ensure identical performance of the icebreakers.

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