FGI Online-Shop

Only one user should be registered per company or existing customer number at FGI. Why is that? Can my colleagues still get access?

Only one user needs to be registered in the FGI Online-Shop. All other accesses can then be freely defined and assigned at any time. The registered user then assigns rights and roles for an individual purchasing process adapted to your company for the colleagues who also should receive access.

My company has agreed fixed conditions with FGI. Does the FGI Online-Shop know these and are they considered for online queries and orders?

Yes, all conditions agreed with your company are fixed and are also considered for every transaction in the FGI Online-Shop.

Is it possible to save or download information about price and availability of several products via the FGI Online-Shop? For example, for internal coordination.

Yes, the products can be collected in the shopping cart. Afterwards, this can either be saved if the person with whom the internal coordination is to take place also has access to the online store or downloaded as an external document (e.g. PDF).

My company orders products that need to be shipped to different shipping addresses. Is this still possible and taxable via the FGI Online-Shop?

All existing delivery addresses / goods recipients for your company can also be viewed and selected via the FGI Online-Shop. Changes are also possible on request.

I need more detailed information about the products. Can I access this via the FGI Online-Shop?

Yes, the FGI Online-Shop offers you comprehensive information on all products available there. Each material number has its own product page where the most important data can be viewed. In addition, various documents are available to you in the download center. These include the FGI sales and delivery conditions, operating instructions and data sheets for the individual series.

Will the FGI Online-Shop only show me online orders, or will it provide an overall view of all transactions?

You´ll find an overview of all orders placed by your company in the FGI Online-Shop. No distinction is made as to whether the order was entered via the classic route or the online one. Every user of your company who has the appropriate role can view all orders.

Can I see when my ordered products will arrive at my delivery address via the FGI Online-Shop?

Yes, you can check the tracking information for your orders directly from the FGI Online-Shop without having to wait for information beforehand.