Filtrair Drop Safe Face Mask Filter Media


We are living in hectic times at the moment . The COVID 19 Pandemic has a big impact on our society, daily life and business. Most countries will get released from a lock down soon and by then the question is; how will life get back to normal? Facemasks will be a must to start up the “new daily life” again. Filtrair wants to contribute by the introduction of our TP-65 MD facemask media.

The main forms of how a virus is transmitted are through: drops (coughing or sneezing of an infected person); direct and indirect contact (touching people or contaminated surfaces). For the time being, pandemic transmission via drops and contact has been recognized as the main transmission forms in the COVID-19.

Filtrair has designed a special media for Facemasks that avoids inhalation and exhalations of COVID 19 affected aerosols caused by coughing, sneezing and speaking. Masks made of this media should only designed for public, commercial and private use.

The Facemasks made by TP-65 MD media are not allowed to be used in medical areas! They have no certification or comply with applicable standards.

TP-65MD media is 95 % efficient to 5 micron particles. Standard size aerosols that become airborne after coughing, sneezing and speaking is 20 to 500 micron. The TP-65 MD media is 100 % efficient to this range of particles. The media has a low pressure drop of 17 Pa @ 4,33 cm/s which ensures a comfortable wearing comfort.

A Facemask made of TP-65 MD media is reusable. The mask can be laid in an oven for 30 min at 70 °C. Viruses will be killed at this temperature. We advise this re-usable process for a maximum of 20 times per facemask. The TP-65 MD media is available on roll at the Filtrair plant and it is also possible to buy facemask made of TP-65 MD media direct from Filtration Group in Öhringen Germany. The facemasks are packed 25 masks per box, MOQ 500 pieces.