Back to the roots – Filtration Group Industrial is here.


The new company name Filtration Group Industrial is on the one hand a reminiscence of our reputation as MAHLE Industrial Filtration, but on the other hand also a clear commitment to our parent company in the USA. With the addition of “Industrial”, we can now be clearly recognized as our own brand and yet benefit from the global appeal of the Filtration Group name. By the way, the name change to Filtration Group Industrial exclusively affects the sites of the former MAHLE Industrial Filtration. Other brands such as Clear Edge, Filtrair and Zinga are not affected by this change.

Long-term business partnership with innovative results


What is behind a long-standing and successful customer relationship? Together with our customer and partner Lutena Vakuum, we’ll show the recipe for success in one video. Be curious!

Our new FG App for our key partners!


Our customers are decisive for the future of our company. Therefore we would like to inform you about our new “FG Fluid Solutions App”.

All our actions, every step we take and every customer interaction we have follows the questions:

How can we simplify the lives of our customers, what can we do to increase their business with our products and what is the most efficient form of communication between us and our customers?

The FG Fluid Solutions App offers solutions to these questions and combines our most important tools on a structured, appealing platform.

The new newsletter is online


Innovation and openness for new ideas are essential factors for a healthy future together with you as our customers and partners. Therefore we would like to take the opportunity today, to present you with our newsletter current topics around the Filtration Group Industrial.

SmartRun 4.0 System


The SmartRun 4.0 is an upgrade for existing or new dust collection systems. The SmartRun 4.0 system permanently records the operating parameters of your dedusting system and makes them available in real time. The measured values are continuously recorded and stored directly in a cloud using a mobile phone connection. (Alternative connection via LAN possible). The data can be accessed via a web browser via any Internet-capable PC. A mobile app for smartphones is also available. This allows easy access to all data.

Meet to make the future – The new innovation room


Six months of effective planning has gone into the Filtration Group’s new innovation room in Öhringen. In cooperation with architects, the new room was created in a modern industrial style. The innovation space provides the impetus for a common future with a fresh, different way of thinking.