Meet to make the future – The new innovation room


Six months of effective planning has gone into the Filtration Group’s new innovation room in Öhringen. In cooperation with architects, the new room was created in a modern industrial style.

When you enter the room, you immediately notice the difference to the other offices of the Filtration Group in Öhringen. Comfortable stools replace chairs, filter material-style ceilings replace conventional white ceilings and individually configurable lighting, which can be operated by app, replaces static, cold light with its many facets. A large whiteboard wall and a Smart TV with Miracast technology for wireless display of computer displays offer the opportunity to conceive, illustrate and exchange ideas, thoughts and discussions.  A cosy sitting area provides a relaxed, new atmosphere to break out of everyday working life and give room to ideas.
The corporate colour green of the Filtration Group, in conjunction with the industrial style, runs through the entire room, while the coffee machine robot at the entrance to the room provides a fresh kick for future appointments.


The meaning of the room stands under the 3 K’s “Creativity – Customer – Communication” and will be idea workshop for all Filtration Group employees in Öhringen. In addition to regular workshops with external speakers, workshops with customers and employees are planned. The Innovation Room offers a contact point for new topics and is intended to encourage departments and their employees to take advantage of this opportunity.

Digital communication will make meetings, workshops and seminars in the innovation space even more interactive. Employees will be provided with methods such as YouTube channels for workshop methods and communication with language assistants.

“Meet to make the future” as the central motto already sets a clear statement. The innovation space provides the impetus for a common future with a fresh, different way of thinking.

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