Golden natural product without foreign particles


Initial Situation

When processing large quantities of honey in the food industry, the German Honey Ordinance and the EU Honey Directive 2001/110 must be observed in addition to reliable, consistent quality and constant material flows. The quality of the raw honey is subject to quality fluctuations in varying degrees depending on its origin. About 80 % of the honey processed in Germany comes from abroad, Argentinia and China are among the largest exporters. The task is to filter out foreign particles. These are above all bees and bee parts (wings, legs) as well as other impurities.


The pollen contained in honey must be preserved as an essential ingredient. The processing temperature is strictly limited by law during the entire processing so that a correspondingly high viscosity must be taken into account. The following points represent an additional challenge and must be considered accordingly:
– Low flushing quantities
– Sharped trend limit
– Avoidance of cake formation on the filter element
– Treatment and recirculation of flushing quantities

Technical Data

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In order to minimize the flushing quantities, the flushing nozzle principle is designed in a special form with regard to the diameter / height ratio of the backflushing valve and filter element. This also accomodates the high viscosity of the medium; the design of the filter housing with the corresponding flow control optimises the overall concept from a process engineering point of view. In cooperation with the customer, a filter element was developed which reliably filters out the foreign particles while at the same time allowing the pollen fraction to remain in the product.

Customer Value

The FG Backflushing Filter has a proven and optimized backflush technology. Optional secondary treatment removes the residual honey from the flushing volume and thus reduces product losses to an absolute minimum. Further advantages are a complete product recovery through flush volume preparation, reliable discharge of foreign and interfering particles and high application competence and experience. We offer customized solutions for specific applications.

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