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Initial Situation

Our customer is part of the global structure of a large food discounter. In different  departments they produce bakery products as well as ice cream. Our customer  has two large production lines for the production of doughnuts. These are deep-  fried with edible oil during the process. During the frying process particles of the  doughnuts (sugar, dough) are remaining in the oil. The oil is used in circulation  and is reheated in heat exchangers. If the particles are too big, they can block the  heat exchangers and cause massive cleaning efforts. Furthermore the lifetime of  the oil is reduced if the particles are not removed.


Freeze-drying works according to the principle of sublimation: selected, freshly harvested raw materials are gently extracted from the water bound as ice after freezing. The freeze-dried product is fed into a mixing drum on the ground floor by a collecting container on the first floor via a downpipe. There, the product is mixed and subsequently fed to the packaging by various conveyor belts. The dust gets stuck together during transport. By feeding in filter aids, the dust becomes free-flowing again. When filling into the collecting container, at the transfer points and after mixing drum, very fine dust is produced with must be extracted.

 Technical Data

– Volume flow rate: 5,000 m³/h
– Operating temperature: 20 °C
– Cleaning with FG cleaning unit RLK
– Filter elements: 6 x 852 032 Ti 08-12
– Filter material: Ti 08, electrically conductive polyester fleece
– Freezing dust with filter aid free-flowing


Filtration Group has chosen a dedusting unit SFR-09 006 DN-130 S1S S1SO in round design for this type of application. The filter elements are equipped with an aluminium-coated polyester fleece and guarantee effective surface filtration. The filter material is electrically conductive and conical filter elements were used. A main advantage is the effective and gentle cleaning of the filter elements and protection of the filter material from sticking by the use of HI 26 filter aid, which is fed to the system by the FG dosing unit SDG-100.

Customer Value

The Filtration Group dedusting unit supplied, prevents product deposits in the production hall and thus contributes to the protection of employees. This significantly reduces the cleaning effort of the machines. The filter material used achieves a very high separation efficiency in the fine dust range, longer filter element service life due to the use of HI 26 filter aid and optimum flow conditions in the filter chamber through the use of conical filter elements.

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