Back to the roots – Filtration Group Industrial is here.


The new company name Filtration Group Industrial is on the one hand a reminiscence of our reputation as MAHLE Industrial Filtration, but on the other hand also a clear commitment to our parent company in the USA. With the addition of “Industrial”, we can now be clearly recognized as our own brand and yet benefit from the global appeal of the Filtration Group name. By the way, the name change to Filtration Group Industrial exclusively affects the sites of the former MAHLE Industrial Filtration.

In order to make ourselves visible as a separate business area within the Group, we initially decided to rename the company as FG Fluid Solutions. Although the new name made our independence clear, it did not have the desired effect on either customers or employees. We therefore decided to combine the old company name with a “back to the roots” approach. With immediate effect, we are once again clearly recognizable as the experts in the industrial filter business. In addition, the addition “Industrial” better combines our segments “Fluid”, “Air” and “Separation” under one term.

By the way: for the time being, FG remains the Filtration Group Industrial’s house brand for its products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!