Long-term business partnership with innovative results


Kay Haegermann, Managing Director of Lutena Vakuum GmbH, has been cultivating the business relationship with us as the Filtration Group for 15 years. Together with Denis Ruf, global sales manager for industrial air, we develop products beyond our normal product portfolio. The long-term relationship is based on close cooperation and innovative ideas from both sides. Together, engineers of Lutena and Filtration Group discuss new ideas to customize and improve products and to increase their performance.

Lutena Vakuum GmbH focuses on vacuum conveying technology. This involves conveying products that sometimes release particles that are harmful to health. Before the contaminated exhaust air leaves the vacuum conveyor, it must be cleaned by a filter. With the expertise and broad product portfolio of Filtration Group, we have the opportunity to perfectly meet the needs of Lutena Vakuum.

The business relationship is not limited to pure sales, but also to the joint development of innovative ideas. Through this long-term and intensive partnership, both we as the Filtration Group and Lutena Vakuum GmbH benefit from a future-oriented way of thinking.