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the times are no longer normal, because the coronavirus affects all areas of life. Worry about one’s own health and that of family, friends and colleagues at work affects us all and is at the forefront. In the current situation, “the health of all of us has top priority”! That’s why, within the Filtration Group, we work daily to make the world a safer, healthier and more productive place. Because only in this way can we emerge from this crisis stronger together.

I am pleased to present the second edition of the Filtration Group Newsletter to you today. Let me begin with a brief introduction of myself.

In November 2019 I took over the function of Director of Key Accounts for the industrial business of the Filtration Group. Together with our Key Account Management Team, my goal is to focus the Filtration Group even more strongly on key customers and their markets. In the future, we want to understand these customers even better in order to be able to respond even more closely to their needs and thus become a preferred partner in filtration. I am especially pleased to work with a highly qualified and motivated team to fulfill our mission.

In this newsletter we report on an application in foundries where a dust collector is used to extract ceramic dust. In addition, we are pleased to present the various application areas in which we can be active as a Filtration Group. This month’s example is a global specialty chemicals company with which we have a key market. News and interesting facts about patents and the Filtration Group round off this issue.

I wish you, your family and your friends all the best!

Stay healthy!

Enjoy reading our newsletter now.


Ian Micklewright
Director of Key Account Manager &
UK Sales Manager

Cast in quality


Whether very small or particularly large, a few grams light or sixty kilos heavy, highly complex in shape or of simple elegance: investment castings are as individual as the applications for which they are manufactured. Whether in the ICE or Airbus, in the laboratory or in the X-ray machine. Complex and filigree metal castings have been produced for more than 70 years using the so-called lost wax process.

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This is how the glue is made!


The purchase of new tiles is usually characterized by euphoria. The joy of bringing a breath of fresh air into one’s own four walls exceeds all the efforts involved. In the case of tiles, extremes are currently the trend. In modern bathrooms, large-format tiles are an important design element. A modern tile adhesive is needed to ensure that they stick to the wall for a long time.

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From the invention to the patent


Did you know that Filtration Group products and processes are protected by patents in many places? This applies to our hydraulic filters, the air pollution control sector, but also to automatic filters. Our employees’ ideas and inventions form the basis for this. You will find these in German, European and even worldwide patent specifications.

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From practice!


A special form of service contract – a full service contract – has been successfully implemented by Filtration Group with Bieling + Petsche Stanzformen GmbH. Filtration Group offers the customer a full service in connection with a remote monitoring of the filter system with SmartRun 4.0, with the aim of contributing to process and cost optimization.

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Under the protective umbrella of the German Navy every ship is safe


Whether container ship, oil tanker or freighter: bilgewater accumulates on every ship. This leads to a considerable disposal problem, because before the bilgewater can be discharged into the sea, this explosive mixture must be intensively treated in accordance with the requirements of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

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Next Steps – What drives us tomorrow?


Germany is the world’s leading innovation location for drive technology. The pre-competitive, joint research of the FVA (Research Association for Power Transmission Technology) forms the basis for innovations in the member companies – an essential factor for technological leadership and worldwide success.

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The digital world never sleeps

Especially in economically difficult times, marketing is enormously important in order to positively anchor one’s own brand in the minds of our target groups again and again. This includes personal, familiar contact via our sales department as well as at events that invite networking. But what happens after the customer visit or after an event in our company? How do we ensure that we are still there for our customers, even if we are not available 24/7?

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Win a Filtration Group Powerbank!

Read our newsletter carefully, the following questions are easy to answer:

  • What do you call the standard melting process in investment foundries?
  • What does modern tile adhesive consist of?
  • What Filtration Group services have been sucessfully implemented in practice?
  • What is the normal capacity of the plant operating on the cross-flow principle for bilgewater deoling?

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Mrs. Saskia Voland of A.-W. Heil & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG  on the winning of the FG Powerbank within the scope of the raffle in issue 1/2020 of the FG Newsletter!